Family Life In The United States

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All across the nation, the country’s morals, good traditional values, and religion have been slipping, and as a person who resides in the United States, I believe that we should get back to our roots, but allow for a few exceptions in the matter. In today’s society, people have become so afraid of judgement or being politically incorrect that it has created a nation of passive people; a nation of people who are so afraid to speak-up and be heard by others — a nation of winers. People today are offended by the fact that Christmas trees have the word “Christ” in them, and they are now to be advertised as “holiday trees” because people are becoming incredibly sensitive to religion. Yes, I, as a fellow American and Christian inhabiting this…show more content…
It has become completely normal for a woman who is pregnant to not have the father around in her life, and normal for children to grow up without a father in their lives. This shows just how insignificant marriage and family has become to society today. One in five adults ages twenty-five and older has never married, according to a study in 2012 (Ashford, 2014). This proves that people are no longer wanting to get married young or marry at all because this is a very selfish generation where people only care about themselves and will only “settle down” when they feel the time is right. This is a noncommittal, selfish generation that we live in today. In a study in 2010, every four out of ten babies was born to an unmarried woman, which is shockingly high. One third of children in America live apart from their fathers. This just goes to show how often men stick around in their children’s lives in society during this day in age (Bennet, 2015). Marriage is a very sacred act, and people today are viewing marriage as a contract and not as a sacred bond between two people to symbolize their love and commitment for one another. People want to be able to leave whenever they want and not deal with a potential messy divorce (Bennet, 2015). If one does not want to marry just for love and commitment, there are also many perks to…show more content…
What are we aloud to freely express now? Our discontentment with religion? This basic right is a right. We should not have to deal with the ridicule that is happening in society because the United States was founded on Christian principles. Professor Donald Lutz examined some of the Founders’ writings and discovered that around 1,100 out of 3,154 citations had direct link or reference to the Bible. The Founders were people of faith unlike people today, which faith within the younger Americans is declining (Bennet,
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