Family Life Is A Utopia

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: By definition, a utopia is a place without any problems. In my view, it is a place where every person is equal. Now by no means am I advocating for the removal of social classes and money, as is present in a Communist society. Instead, I believe a utopia is a place where everyone is accepted, regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, or other factors that are completely out of their control. Therefore, people live in harmony. As a result, a perfect society is one without conflict or wars. Whenever people have a disagreement, they are able to discuss in civilly to come to some peaceful ultimatum that satisfies all of the parties involved. Furthermore, there is still money in a utopia, but it is much easier to rise above the…show more content…
Write a manifesto, real or imagined for the vision you created in Journal 1.
2: In this utopia, currently and perpetually referred to as the Wilson Community, we will work as one. This unity is necessary to achieve success, which is a common goal of us all. For one, we will treat each other as equals. This means we will not categorize people based on uncontrollable factors, such as their race. We will instead, treat each other as human beings. Despite our differences in personality and appearance, we are all connected as human beings. Furthermore, we will try our best to rise above the obstacles in terms of the socioeconomic class we were born into. We will not use money from our parents, but rather achieve success on our own. It will subsequently be fair for everyone, as they are all born into the same class and can work towards their goals. In addition, we promise we will not give birth to four or more children. If an outside force occurs, in which we give birth to more than four children, we will discuss limiting a family member’s number of births to account for our excess. We understand that this is to keep our limited resources from running out, and realize that this is only for the best. We will prosper if we can avoid overpopulation. We will also choose to live in separate houses or communes based on personal preference. However, we understand that it would be more beneficial for society if we lived in communes to further
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