Family / Living Situation By Raymond Scott

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Family/Living Situation – Raymond Scott is a 26 year old unmarried Black male. He does not have any children. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Scott lived with his girlfriend, Makiela Mayes. However, just before his arrest in this matter, Mr. Scott experienced homelessness for approximately eight months. Mr. Scott’s entire life has been spent in Milwaukee. He is the product of the non-marital relationship between Randolph Scott and Delores Prescott. Both his parents are deceased. Mr. Scott’s primary caregiver throughout his developing years was his maternal grandmother, Lula Prescott. At birth, Delores abandoned her son at the hospital where he was later retrieved, and subsequently raised, by his grandmother. Lula Prescott in an elderly woman who suffers from a number of ailments attributed to age, and the stress of parenting several generations of children and grandchildren. Mr. Scott speaks highly of her role in his life and expresses much regret about the toll his actions may be taking on her health. He is hopeful to return to the community as soon as possible to assist in her care as needed. Additionally, it should be noted that Mr. Scott has an ACE score of 9/10, as reported on the Adverse Childhood Experiences questionnaire. Individuals with 4 or more ACEs are exponentially more likely to experience mental, physical, and emotional health issues, as well as more contact with police and/or the criminal justice system. Mr. Scott has endured many adversities in his
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