Family Night Reflection

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On Saturday October 28th, 2017 the St.Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church of Washington D.C. hosted their yearly “Family Night” event. This event was created by the members of the church in order to spread awareness of the talent and overall culture of our community. Although there was a slight delay for the event, the performances throughout was very entertaining and informative. It ranged from dances, songs, to speeches and minor lectures about growing issues in our society today. It started off with many of the youth showing off their talent mainly through art forms such as singing and dancing to cultural and religious songs. I myself assisted with the emcees of the night and partook in the event by acting as Jesus for a skit and submitting a short film alongside friends that underscored the situation of how a Grandmother from India would interpret the lifestyle in America. The special talent of all our youth closed with a young boy performing his magic act that wow’d the crowd. After the acts, the remainder of Family Night included a series of speeches and lectures from our Priest to other older youth members that discussed growing issues in the world and how we can act to resolve these issues.

A couple of the speeches presented related to concepts or ideas expressed related to the work in our GWST class especially a speech by my cousin named Christy Mathew. She is a senior in high school getting ready to go to college and decided a major issue in our society is gender based
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