Family Nurse Practitioner Essay

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I am an Emergency Department nurse whose goal is to care for patients as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I have had the privilege of working in a fast pace setting with patients of all ages and I’ve been exposed to various medical illnesses. As an Emergency Department nurse, I feel these qualities have provided me with experiences that further my education and allow me to provide care to patients. Furthermore, I have gained valuable knowledge from recognizing and stabilizing critical patients to help with the care for uncomplicated medical conditions.
When I was an Associate Nursing student, I had a goal of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner in either a Doctor’s Office, Urgent Care Facility, or the Emergency Department. Since furthering my education with my Bachelor’s Degree and gaining nursing and life experiences, my goals have evolved over the years. I have become wiser and I treasure every day that I am blessed to provide care for someone else. I have gained valuable nursing experiences from underprivileged patients who have little or no health insurance. The fact is, these patients don't
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After High School, I followed a traditional path into a large public university. I personally felt intimidated to speak up if I didn't understand the material. With the class size so large, the professor didn't have an opportunity to connect personally with each student's learning style. On the other hand, when I chose to go to a private school for my bachelor's degree, class sizes were smaller and the education was better attuned for the individuals. The instructors took time for each student who requested assistance. For once I was not ashamed to ask questions and my grades reflected the attention that was given to me. Also, with the majority of learning being online, it will be easier to accommodate studying with everyday life
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