Family Nurse Practitioners ( Fnp )

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Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are nurses who have acquired a higher level of education after Nursing. FNP are trained to treat, prescribe, and to provide quality healthcare needs for patients. The role of a FNP varies according to their realm of practice and state requirements. The amount of service that they can provide depends on the freedom of practice the state gives the FNP. Each state has various boundaries set for NPs to practice their field of healthcare. Nurse Practitioners can use their knowledge as a RN to boost their NP skills by using improved patient care techniques and evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice provide NPs support by laying out the necessary components of healthcare methods in an organized fashion. NP learn to use evidence based practice to provide patients with the best possible care and treatment available. write more..
The Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies (NP Core Competencies) forms and builds upon ongoing Master’s and DNP core competencies and these are the channels and background for all graduating NP students. The NP Core Competencies can input their full scope of practice as an independent licensed practitioner. These essential competencies of an NP is fully developed by graduation, no matter what the NPs preferred speciality is. The core competencies are an essential part to face the multispecialty challenges of the changing health care system. By adding knowledge, skill, and ability to independently handle different…
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