Family Of Children With Autism

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Family of children with autism
Family is the basic unit of the society. It is from the family that an individual learns his primary behavioural patterns. When we talk about a family of children with autism they are the family which going through many doubts, changes, stress and conflicts. Many studies have talk about the stress and trauma through which a family of children with autism is going through. The problem starts with the lack acceptance of the child to the lack of awareness on taking care of the child.
According to Kornblit and Chomsky (1984) it is difficult to solve the complex situation that emerges when a child with disability is born into a family. It is also difficult to generalize and to establish the specific facts that families have to face because the reaction of each family will vary according to the characteristics of each family.
• The reaction of parents will vary, depending on the birth order of their children. It also make parents question in a large or lesser degree their capacity to attend to and satisfy the special needs of the child
• It is essentional to recognize and respect the fact that each family need time accepts the reality. Lack of respect to this need may generate problem and instability in family
• Professional need to take care of the entire family and not just the child. They need to strengthen the family to reorganizing process of accomplishing an adequate level of efficiency and functionality in relation to the child’s problem.
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