Family Of Family And Family Essay

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Family! Family! Family! Family can be a wonderful thing. It can be healthy or unhealthy. It can be functional or dysfunctional. Family means different things to different people. Some families are loving and close. Some families are mean, hateful, and distant. There are different types of relationships within a family unit. Relationships can be enmeshed, detached, or disengaged; these types of relationships are unhealthy. The family system can be open and homeostatic; these kinds of relationship are healthy. We are all born into different families with different situations. Sometimes life can be hard, with all of its facets and difficulties, and ups and downs. Looking at the past of one 's life can be a happy event for some, but for others, it can be tormenting to have to reminisce about the past. In this three-generation of family-of-origin, the family structure was the focus. The research was based on grandparents, parents, and the child who is the student. This paper examined the history of the family of origin background. It sought out any common threads that might run through the history of the family. This paper explored (a) communication and boundaries, (b) emotional triangles, (c) parents, (d) siblings, (e) family stories, (f) expression of emotions, (g) separation, loss, and abandonment, (h) family strengths, success, failure, and mistakes, (i) religion, race, ethnicity and gender, (j) themes, (k) personal impact, and (l) present day impact within…

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