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family of origin. Include pertinent information regarding the kinship caregiver’s childhood experiences. Include how the kinship caregiver was disciplined as a child and if they believe it to be excessive or abusive. When did the kinship caregiver leave home and under what conditions? What is the current relationship with parents and siblings, including frequency of contact and quality of relationship?

Previous relationships: Include discussions of previous significant relationships as well as all prior marriages. Include all prior marriages, dispositions of marriages, divorce information, significant others they have lived with or have children by. Date, city, county, and state of all marriages and divorces. If they cannot provide, document that the caregiver was asked for the information. Describe the history of each past relationship including how they met, the courtship, and the decision to marry, if applicable. If the relationship(s) ended, then include a discussion of how it ended, why it ended, how any differences were resolved, any current contact with that individual, and the type and frequency of contact with that individual. Include any history of family violence in each relationship. Include if the caregiver was the primary kinship caregiver of the children, custody arrangements if divorced or estranged, child support payment information, if the person is in arrears on child support, and current contact and relationship with their children.…
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