Family, Parenting And Child Conduct Problems

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Family, Parenting and Child Conduct Problems Hanyi Zhang 1000792573 University of Toronto PSY210H1 S Introduction to Development Family, Parenting and Child Conduct Problems Family life is the key to human life as we spend most of our life with our family, therefore has primary influences on how our thoughts and psychological behaviors develop. Parents also have significant influence on the development of children, as they are the head of family, closest friend of the child from an early age, and also the first teacher of the children. According to The F.O.R.C.E. Society (2009), they teach children enormous amount of knowledge, including psychological thoughts at an early age when the development is critical.…show more content…
Lack of spiritual intimate relationship is a huge cause to a child 's psychological or educational deficiencies. There are three researches that study how parenting style and relationship between child and parents affect psychological development of child through three different perspectives at children 's early age. The study "Children 's callous‐unemotional traits moderate links between their positive relationships with parents at preschool age and externalizing behavior problems at early school age " was published in May 2013. The research focuses on how children 's callous-unemotional traits (CU traits), which means the fearlessness and also the lack of empathy, moderate links between relationship between parents and children, and future behavioral problems of children. CU traits are a representation of ability to manage relationship and communicate with others. A lack of CU traits usually shows the disability to socialize in relationship with others. The relationship with parents both affects and is affected by CU traits, however a low CU traits along with a lowered relationship with parents will further cause more serious problems in the long future of children such as tendency of violence, even crimes. Most researchers
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