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Family Pets
No company can achieve full potentials without some form of planning. Companies of high worth and value have effective and efficient planning in place to create harmony by aligning functions. In addition, planning can reduce confusing and fraustion throughout an organizations by providing benchmarks from achievable milestones. One fracture of planning for companies is events. Some events are conferences, seminars, parties. The events allows companies to grow and develop for many different reasons and purposes. The events require some organization of the announcement of the events. After events have been planned and announced, a follow-up system must be in place to evaluate success. The following paper is an essay that defines
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The life cycle of the system can be designed and analysed with SDLC (system development life cycle). SDLC is an identifiable system for following-up on the planning and announcing the organization of “Family Pet’s” objectives to improve and maintain organization operations for events. The standard step are plan/select a system, analysis the system, design the system, and implement/operation the system. Furthermore, “Family Pets” is a small business looking to improve the functions of events by organizing conference, seminars, and parties. The system will be called “Love.” A system is the interrelated set of business procedures used within one business unit working together for some purpose. The purpose of “Love” is to develop the company's growth by adding new clients/customers, promotion/advertising, develop skills, advance knowledge, and purchase new products for procurement. The goal is to have quality level operation based on demands and supply resulting in more profits from customer loyalty. Also, the outcome will be that the objectives, structure, and process will be simplified with knowledge of how to exploit information by all employees. The parts of the system to “Love” are components, interrelated components, boundary, purpose, environment, interfaces, constraints, input, and…show more content…
Diagram 1 displays three possible reason or purpose for an event to be an objective within the system of “Love.” The purpose are for health, sales, and facility needs that and objective would analysed and design before a scope and goal is established. The component of health as an objective is broken down into a modularity of health, which is a scope aim at medication, nutrition, and grooming to improve stock or system function. In addition, boundaries are form with components in the system “Love.” Boundaries are defined as all the component contained for the system limits, which separate the system from other system. The boundaries influence the system. The system “Love” can be separated from the system payroll because of the purpose in the system’s function to the system’s environment. The purpose of “Love” forms boundaries based on standards, scope, environment, and resources. In other words, it is the point of interface with a system that develops into boundaries. The interface is the point at which a system meets its environment or where subsystems meet each others. However, the objectives to the system “Love” can be changes within the component of that function to the system or outside of that function to the system because the interface of objectives is operations and input process. For example,

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