Family Planning Research Paper

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Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges
Naga Campus

In Barangay Sto. Tomas, Camaligan Camarines Sur

In partial fulfillment of the requirement in SOC. SCI 10, Society of Culture with Family Planning, HIV/AIDS

Submitted by:
Mayores, Dennis B.
Olarve, Raymund Salveo L.
Pacamarra, Hazel E.
BSEd 3 – Physics

Submitted to:
Dr. Geronima Camano-Valenciano

October 4, 2010

Title Page
Table of Contents
CHAPTER I: Introduction
CHAPTER II: Research Methodology
CHAPTER III: Presentation of Findings, Analysis and Discussion
CHAPTER IV: Summary of Conclusion and Recommendation
APPENDICES Appendix A: Sample Questionnaire Appendix B: Letter of Permission to conduct
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Summary of Conclusion and Recommendation
1. Most of the couples finished college level before they started living as a couple but there are also couple that only reached the elementary level and decided to live with their partners. Studying is irrelevant for their parents don’t encourage them to pursue studies because of financial problem. That’s why they don’t know how can they took care of their children and how to plan a family because of lack of knowledge. In addition, they don’t have a high salary and can’t find a proper job.
2. Most of the couples started living together as married because they want it to be sure that they would be living together legally while only some are unmarried because they are quite young for their age. That explains how marriage is given importance before, but now, even if the girls got pregnant they are not still planning of getting married.
3. Couples normally planned on how many children are they going to have but this is usually not followed because of sexual desire of a person. Because not all are willing for family planning to be involved in their living as a couple.
4. Family Planning on later years was not yet organized that’s why old couples now are not aware and don’t even care to use methods or contraceptives regarding Family Planning. But some of them are willing to use these methods to control the population growth.
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