Essay on Family Portrayal in the Film The Castle

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The Castle is a movie primarily about a family sticking together and their fight for the right to live in their own home. The Castle’s portrayal of family is both positive and negative.

The Castle depicts many positive images of the family throughout the movie. From the very start of the film, it is easy to see that the Kerrigans are a very close knit family. They always eat their dinner together, with the TV turned ‘down’, and talk about their day. Around the dinner table the family shows support for each other, and recognizes anything a family member may have achieved, like when Darryl beams with pride telling the family about how Dale dug a hole. The family also sets aside time after dinner for the family to watch TV together.
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When Tracey and Con returned from their honeymoon, Darryl, Sal, Steve and Dale met them at the airport and walked them home. They then sat and talked for hours about the trip. This shows that the family enjoy spending time with each other, and are quite contempt to just sit and talk.

Although there are many positive aspects of family depicted in The Castle, some portions of the film display negative images of family.
One instance is where Steve’s car window is smashed. Instead of reporting this to the police, Darryl and Steve go to the house of the man who was responsible, abuse him through the intercom, then proceed to tear down and steal the iron gates from the house. When the police question Darryl about the disappearance of the gates, he lies and says he had nothing to do with it, despite the gates sitting on the front lawn. This is definitely not a positive portrayal of family.

Darryl and Steve also display a negative image of their family when a thug appears at their home to pass on a message. Steve sees what is happening and threatens the man with a gun. When he leaves, Darryl yells at Steve for having the gun, but then proceeds to ask where he bought it from and how much he paid. Although Darryl is not directly condoning the illegal use of a more than likely unregistered gun, he seemed more interested in the savings Steve made purchasing it than the fact he just threatened someone with it.

The film The Castle
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