Family Practitioner Personal Statement

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As I stepped off the plane for the first time at Maurice Bishop International Airport on the small island of Grenada I had no idea where the next four years would take me. I was just a young man from a small town in rural Iowa who had never lived outside of the United States, setting out on an adventure to pursue a degree in medicine. While working at a number of local health fairs on the island, I was able to spend a lot of time interacting with members of the community discussing their personal struggles with health. For many of my patients it was a poor understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or a lack of resources, while others were afraid of the stigma associated with disease and mental health. Though my time in Grenada was short, it was interactions such as these that continue to motivate me to focus on primary care, preventative medicine, and decreasing disparities in healthcare.
Entering my clinical years brought along with it an entirely new set of challenges, but I was pleasantly surprised to find my niche while
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Formerly a student athlete, I am well accustomed to working as a member of a team and understanding that each individual has an important role to play when working towards a common goal. My background in public health has helped me discern that an individual’s health involves much more than their genetic and physiologic profile. Moreover, it has given me the skills necessary to reach not only my patients, but also the community as a whole. Furthermore, as a graduate of St. George’s University I’ve had the unique privilege to work alongside students and faculty from over 140 countries around the world. This experience has allowed me to cultivate a much broader worldview, and to develop the skills necessary to practice medicine in the ever diversifying communities of
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