Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student's Academic Performance

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Writing Within The Discipline Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student’s Academic Performance
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Family Problem: Factor Affecting the Student’s Academic Performance
Thesis Statement: Family Problem becomes an act of assertion of individuality and identity that affects students’ academic performance.
I. The Basic Concept Of Family A. Structure B. Functions
II. The Conflict A.
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The family is universal community because it is highly functional. The family is responsible for the care of every member of the family. The function plays by the family and each members plays a significant role which will affect them as a whole or individually.
The family regulates sexual behavior and is the unit for reproduction. Within the marriage bond, sex expression is socially sanctioned, On the other hand family performs the functions of biological maintenance, the parents fills the roles of protector, provider and guardian in a human infant. The family is the chief agency for socializing the child. The family transmits the culture of the group though its patterned ways of living and transmits values by example, teaching and indoctrination. The family gives its members status. A child is born into a family that gives him or her a name and lineage. Whether born into a lower class or an upper class family, he or she is provided with its attitudes and values. The family is an important mechanism for social control. It continuously exerts pressure its members to make them conform to what is considers as desirable behavior. And lastly, family performs economic functions.2
There is no such thing as the perfect family, no family is ever completely stable, and conflict is part of the system. Sometimes, family conflict roots in the smallest problem that no one in the family expects
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