Family Process Paper: Communication

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Family Process Paper #2 Family Process Paper #2 This paper is a continuation of the family process of the R family. Questions 17-21 on the Friedman long form discuss communication patterns, power structure, values, and family function. Communication Patterns In observing the family as a whole, functional communication was used extensively. When asked questions, both L. and R. took turns responding. They were respectful of one another's speech and did not interrupt or contradict. Neither were there non-verbal cues of dismissal or disrespect such as eye-rolling or facial gestures directed toward the interviewer. Each half of the couple was clear in stating their needs and feelings. L, as a former policeman, and S, a nurse, both have authoritative positions in which it is important to speak and act decisively. It appears this carries through in their personal relationship. S respects her husband and gives him final say in the decision-making process, but she is confident in presenting her own ideas and feelings. The couple sought validation from one another by looking at each other frequently during the interview. They sat next to one another on the sofa and, although they did not touch, their close distance from one another suggested a close and comfortable relationship. No dysfunctional processes were observed in the relationship. Factors Influencing Family Communication Patterns It is impossible to know what goes on with a couple when they are alone. During the
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