Family Psychology ( Therapy ) Essay

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Family Psychology (Therapy) Michael Daniel Weigant School of Professional Counseling Lindsey Wilson College Author Note 716 Kingdom Come Drive. Cumberland Ky. 40823 Abstract This research paper is going to look at a career in family therapy. It is going to discuss some of the things a psychologist does with their patients. The type of pay they receive. The paper is also going to discuss a few different options people have with education. Finally, it will look at how the future looks in the field of family therapy. Family Therapy Growing up, my younger sister was diagnoised with Bi Polar Disease. I believe she had other issues as well but that was her main one. It was a tough time for her and for the rest of my family. She could make a scene for the smallest reason and everyone would stare. A few people actually came up to my parents or whoever we were with at the time and asked why don’t you do something with her. At that point, we usually had to get up and leave the place we were at with people staring. My sister isn’t the only case my family has had with mental issues. I had an aunt growing up with Pschitzophrina and Multiple Personality Disorder. My oldest nephew has ADHD. Three of my younger nieces have Bi Polar and I also have a young nephew who has the same disease. My mother also babysat for a long time and she had a lot of children who had mental issues. I learned through these kinds of situations how
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