Family Rafting In Huesca Essay

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Our Family Rafting is an adventure activity oriented to the enjoyment of the whole family, accompanied by the little ones; it consists of descending a river on a raft with the help of paddles.
The Family Rafting in Huesca is offered daily, and we take all the needed time for you to enjoy the most, thus, we stop so those who want could jump to the crystal clear water of the rivers in the Pyrenees, float freely down the river for a moment, and to enjoy and play with water.
It is an ideal activity for families with small children; the whole family can do the rafting. From 4 years on, we descend about 8 km of river.
All our guides are qualified, licensed, highly experienced in rivers around the world, and specially trained
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The Pyrenees and the Sierra de Guara offer us the best conditions for the practice of canyoning in Huesca.
Canyoning is done in narrow canyons cut into the bedrock stone, forming narrow gorges, in which we gradually overcome the obstacles, and slopes and drops that we find along the way: whether walking, jumping, swimming, abseiling or rappeling, sliding down, downclimbing, etc.
We jump to pools of crystalline water, slide by down slides that water and years have carved into the rock. We will use ropes to descend with the abseiling (rappelling) technique.
To practice canyoning it is not necessary to have previous experience, and we have different levels of difficulty for you to choose from, since we are in the best area for the practice of canyoning.
In the practice of canyoning, we usually descend aquatic canyons, but it is possible to descend dry canyons in case that the weather, rain or cold winter does not allow us to descent water canyons. Therefore, this activity can be done all year in Huesca.
Our qualified, certified and extensive experienced guides will accompany you safely, and you only have to worry about having fun with your family in this wonderful
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