Family Reflection Paper

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Family according to societal standards is viewed as a couple consisting of a man and a woman joined in marriage with children living in the same household. However, the meaning of family is continuously refined as society begins to accept nontraditional families. Homosexuals, single parents, and cohabitation are becoming more common therefore, creating newly found ideas of what family means. The way I view family has been influenced by my own household, those beliefs have changed each time I encountered a home that appeared different than my own. Furthermore, I do believe that a child should have both parents present and that nuclear and extended family both play a huge role in the way a family functions.
At the age of one my parents divorced, and my father was present in my life till I was ten years old. Growing up I was aware that a father figure was supposed to be present, since most of my friends throughout school had a mother and father that were married. Ultimately, the absence of my father throughout my childhood taught me that family meant more than two parents under the same household married. When my parents divorced, and my father was no longer a part of my life, my mother, aunt and grandma raised me. Being raised by three women brought out a new perspective for me.
As a child in the mornings my mother would drive my sister Yesenia and I to school, and in the afternoon my aunt Aracely would pick us up. While, I was attending school my mother was working full time

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