Family Reflection Paper

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For this project, I talked to my dad because I realized there is a lot I don't know about him. We discussed many topics and I collected a lot of insight from him. He’s made me look at things in life a little differently too. We mainly talked about regrets and forgiveness but we discussed other things too. I asked him what things he could tell me about the importance of family, the value of money and his thoughts on aging. Also, his thoughts on marriage, our culture and how he feels about death. I started off by asking what some of his biggest regrets were in his life. He said he regretted not spending more time with his parents because now that they are gone there is no more time left. My dad wished that he had been more prepared for the things that life threw at him. Growing up he said he could have been a better person; not that he was a bad person but just realizing how much more he could have done. We then discussed his thoughts on forgiveness and holding grudges. He told me that he believed it is important to forgive but it’s sometimes difficult. Although it is better to forgive than to carry it with you because it only harms you in the end. It is also much easier to forgive others when they are willing to do the same. When it comes to holding grudges my dad told me it all depends on the person. With some people it may be harder to let go of a grudge than other people but that holding grudges, in the end, gets you nowhere. After that, I asked him about the importance of family and what he has learned about family as he has gotten older and how his viewpoints have changed. He started by telling me that family is most important, then your friends, and then your job and so on. When he was young he believed that everything was about him. Then as he got older, in his high school years, he would just go off and do whatever he wanted. He didn't care too much about being at home with folks and now he would do anything to have them back. Next, we discussed money and its value. His main point on this topic was to use your money wisely. Then he told me that it is important to know that material possessions don't make you happy; it’s the other things in life that count. Next, I asked my dad about aging and

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