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Family. It’s one word that has a different significance for every individual. There’s multiple uncontrollable factors that can change crucial aspects of your personality, such as whether or not your parents are together or the number of siblings you have. These features can cause one to be either satisfied or discontented in their life. Most do not think about the stability of their family; after all, I never thought about it until mine began collapsing.
My family structure is typical with married parents and two older brothers (Matt being three years older and Ryan being eight). He was older than the hills at age 18 with me only being 10, and due to this Matt and I had a stronger relationship. We would babble about pointless topics and
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This fire was not miniature, it was large enough to cause smoke to permeate the entirety of the 1st floor. That night, my mom began to realize that having him around was not optimal. Ryan was purposefully endangering my family in multiple ways, and we needed to figure out a solution before his actions impaired us or our home. Subsequent to the fire, tensions between Ryan and my family only grew. We were grasping onto the idea that he would improve over time, but this led to complete disappointment. Gazing as my family imploded was like standing in the center of a frozen lake while the ice was cracking; everything was sinking around me until I too fell under. I was viciously rocking back and forth between wanting him to stay or leave. Luckily it was not my decision. Quite expectedly both Matt and I were told that he was going to be kicked out on Sunday, ironically after church. Waiting for the news to be broken to him, I was sitting in my room ready to hear the loudest fight of them all. I am still unsure of how they told him but it was blatantly unpleasant for both parties. Being thrown out of your home and kicking out your son are both awful. After the uncountable screaming arguments, this was surely the most heartbreaking. “I’m not leaving”, rang through my ears in Ryan's shaky but piercing voice. Even from my room, I felt his rage transform into fear. His voice went from radiating profoundly, to trembling like the ground

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