Family Reflection Paper

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Throughout the semester, I have experienced the world from a different standpoint while also being able to connect my similarities with J.G., my lab partner. The way our lives are so similar yet so different really represents the world we will be eventually working in; from the personal definition of illness and health, to the family backgrounds and traditions. Although J.G. and I do not have a vast culture, we do have certain principles that define us in the way we grew up and live today.
J.G. and I share more similarities than differences, especially when it comes to valuing our families. Every year J.G. travels to Texas to spend at least a week visiting with her grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles; like J.G. I am only able to see my extended family in West Virginia about once a year. We both dedicate some time out of our busy nursing school schedules to make the long journey towards keeping a healthy relationship with our families, even if it is only once a year for a week; family is always at the center of everything we do. Along with similar heritages, we also are both non-religious in all aspects. J.G. has select family members who do identify with a religion, as do I, however we both maintain our individual stance. Our personal beliefs are the same about how religion ties into health and illness, many religions tend to blame things like the evil eye, gods punishments, witchcrafts, or even hexes for illness or deteriorating health. However J.G. and

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