Family Reflection Paper

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Imagine you're a guest to someone else home and you're not accustomed to the culture you've found yourself surrounded by. A home of a different culture most likely won't have the same formal or informal beliefs and values you share. The sounds, smells, and your full surroundings are just a huge question mark in your head, because, it's a blank page of something completely new to you. At the young untimely age of 12, the lag year of the pending teenage years to come, and you realize what you believed you knew about yourself and your family aren't exactly what you expected out of them or yourself. Being 12 years old and questioning your entire identity of values, choices, appearances, beliefs and friends and family is a stage in life I…show more content…
My family was not always smiles and laughter. I suppose looking at the situation from my new stepfathers perspective moving into a new home was a blank slate for him as well and the adjustments made to accommodate his sore thumb appearance in my family weren't that great. In my younger years all I saw was my stepfather taking the place that I didn't need or at least I thought. I didn't think I needed a place holder. I had all my family but I suppose in way it was for the best. My stepfather grew to be a huge support system in my life. The choice wasn't mine but it was a decision that grew on me in the in end.
Recently starting college at Virginia Commonwealth University, I’ve found myself adjusting to this city life a little off putting. I’m not accustomed to the college life I believed to have had all figured out, but once again I’m back at this blank slate I keep finding myself encountering. Maybe its Richmond, maybe it's VCU, or the restricting dormitory rules, rules I’m not use to, maybe it's the part where I’m away from my family 24/7 or the simple fact that I just don't like change. I don't know the exact causation of why my advancements to give VCU a chance are failing but I sure can guess some of the correlations that I’ve given some thought since I’ve been a student at this establishment. I believed this change to be different. I chose VCU and VCU chose me. So why the doubt? I know myself, don't I? I know what I want in life so what makes

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