Family Reflection Paper

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When going through this assignment the first time, I realized that I needed to relearn about culture. While being at Wheelock I know that I have had many chances to know what culture is, I needed a refresher on what I needed to research. While searching, I learned that a culture was defined by shared patterns of behaviors, interactions and cognitive constructs that are learned through a process of socialization. Through all of these interactions, these shared patterns identify the members of a culture group while also picking those out that belong to another group. By refreshing myself on the topic, this helped me understand where I needed to be looking. Many of the articles that I first came upon were about how it takes a whole village to raise a baby (literally and figuratively) but I decided that I wanted to learn about something that was close to home. I found one article that was more personal to the culture(s) that I am a part of and that I see on a daily basis. I wanted to find something that to my peers and myself found to be influential and rewarding and through my article seemed like it was able to be prove that growing up with these influences changed our lives forever. The article that I decided to choose was the affect that grandparents had on their grandchildren when they were immediate members of the child’s household. The writers of the article decided to observe the children and grandparents throughout the day and the findings revealed the

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