Family Relations : Family Relationships Essay

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Family relationships are complicated, even more if it is regarding family business. Negotiations between family members are different from negotiations between non-family members. The relationships between brothers lead them to stronger sensitivity and loyalty. Family relationships have developed over years of interacting. Sometimes family members struggle over the appropriate role to play in this negotiation process. There is increased opportunity for misunderstanding and conflict if negotiation style and approach will be wrong.
In the case of family relationships all family members are affected. Family members’ support may be critical for reaching a negotiated outcome. One wants to be winner in any negotiation, but it does not nessesarily mean that conterpart will lose. There should be right common ground and mutually acceptable outcome. In this essay I will talk about family conflict negotiation. Brother’s relationships will be used as an example in this report.
In an age of booming technology, running a business without computers is like trying to breathe without lungs. Computer system will make business easier. It will help to increase the efficiency and productivity of work. In this case the negotiation process is about explaining the value of computers to the brother. In this analysis next points will be considered:
Understanding other’s needs and motivations
Common ground
Joint problem solving
Emotions and basic instincts
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