Family Relationships In East Asian Family In Eat Drink Man Woman

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Family plays a vital role in East Asian Society. While familial bonds are an integral part of many cultures, the nuclear and extended family relationships in Asian societies are stronger than those in other countries. In Asian Society, children are expected to take care of their parents when they get older and often stay in the home for longer periods of time than we see in other cultures. In Eat Drink Man Woman, the children are all grown up going about their own lives. However, for most of the film, they live together under the same roof. As time passes, the three daughters move away from their fathers’ home. When the father gets sick, the oldest daughter moves back home to care for him. On Sundays, throughout the movie, they all gather to prepare and eat elaborate meals. Despite the fact that they have moved away from the family to live their own lives they continue the tradition of gathering to eat on Sundays. Commensality can be seen as the bonding agent for their family relationships. The meal serves as both physical and emotional nourishment. It is reminiscent of meals I have with my grandparents every few weeks, as everyone in my immediate family meets at my grandparents’ home and we set up several extra tables. My Grandparents cook; we all eat a delicious meal and talk for hours about our daily lives, politics, religion, and family, and on occasion, there are boisterous bouts of agreeing to disagree. The same thing happens during dinner in the movie, everyone

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