Family Resilience Assessment : The Family System

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Family Resiliency Assessment
According to Walsh and McDaniel (2006), strengthening family resilience is understanding that resilience is more than surviving or escaping an ordeal. It is merely the capacity to rebound from adversity through the active process of endurance, self-righting, and growth (p. 4). In further grasping the framework of resiliency, this paper assesses my own family system by examining resiliency factors within myself and of my family origin. By looking through the lens of my own personal experiences, it allows me to see the characteristics that shape the successes and stresses that I have inhibited.
The Family System In my family system, it is made up of my mother who is a widow; my father passed away at the age of 50 when I was only 16 years old. Then there is my brother David who is 28 years old. Although only two years younger than me, he is like the DNA replica of me, so much so that people get us confused with one another. While I have locs and he is completely bald people still get us mixed up (even members within our own family); we have gone the majority of adulthood telling people we are twins. Two years apart from my brother and four years younger than me is my 26-year-old sister Chanel. She is the baby of the family and the one we tend to walk a thin line with because she can flip out on us at the flick of a switch. When my brother and I discuss her random outbursts, we think she is just crazy but putting on my social worker…

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