Family Resilience : ' Normal Family Processes ' Essay

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Froma Walsh in the book chapter, Family Resilience: Strengths Forged through Adversity, found in the book, Normal Family Processes, describes how most research conducted about resilience has concentrated on individuals and how they view adversity and resilience. However, in this chapter Walsh presents her framework for family resilience and explains how families can rebound from adversity based on three areas of family functioning: family belief systems, family organization and resources, and family communication. “A basic premise in this systemic view is that serious crises and persistent adversity have an impact on the whole family, and in turn, key family processes mediate the adaptation of all members and their relationships.” (Walsh, 2012, p. 401) Within these three keys of resilience, Ms. Walsh lays out the framework for coping and adaptation of the resilient family unit. Families use their belief system to make meaning of a particular challenge or predicament. “Well-functioning families approach a crisis or prolonged adversity as a shared challenge.” (Walsh, 2012, p. 407) Being a member of a team, is a large part of facing adversity or challenges. It is easier for a family to face problems than for an individual to take on the challenge themselves. More solutions can come from more people looking at the challenge from different angles. In this model, it is noted that relationships can become stronger as efforts to overcome challenges prevail. Positive outlook is…
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