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Sioux and their Culture Family Roles -Who’s in charge? Child independence? • The family life of Native Americans today is defined as a nuclear family. This consists of the mother, father, and offspring. The parents are the leaders of the household and work together in making all major decisions. This leaves both the mother and father equally in charge especially when it comes to their offspring. As the child is growing up the parents take primary responsibility in directing their child’s life. When they become a young adult they are presumed to become independent and are expected to leave home. Overall Native American families are nuclear, with both parents having equal input in decisions as well as with regard to their children. -Attend needs of patient? Take care of elderly/Bring them into their home? • The family role of elders and sickness go hand in hand. Elders are held in a high regard being a well-respected member of their community. Due to this their families are very active in caring for their wellbeing. The majority of elders want to live on their own but when they cannot physically care for themselves, although they may move into their family’s home if care can’t be performed adequately. When this happens the elders will live in nursing homes but if family is still present, they are very active in their care. Overall when it comes to the care of any individual in the family the other members are active in giving emotional and spiritual support. Communication
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