Family School Community Partnership ( Fsc Partnership )

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Family-School-Community Partnership
What is a partnership? According to, “partnership is a relationship resembling a partnership and usually involving close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities” (accessed 9/14/16). The information provided in this paper will answer the following questions: What is a Family-School-Community Partnership (FSC partnership), what the framework for forming a partnership is, and who or what would benefit.
Family-school-community partnerships “are collaborative initiatives and relationships among school personnel, family members, and community members and representatives of community-based organizations such as universities, businesses, religious organizations, libraries, and mental health and social service agencies” (Bryan & Henry, 2012). The partnerships are more than just a parent/guardian volunteering in the classroom or coming to a PTA meeting. The family-school partnership could be in the form of continuing education for parents to receive their GED, parenting support, or making sure families know how to help their child with homework (Casto, 2016). By forming partnerships with the community schools can bring in experts from the community to begin or finish a project as well as providing basic information. Building these partnerships help to narrow the achievement gap, increase attendance, reduce behavioral problems, and strengthen the school environment (Bryan &
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