Family Secrets And The Influence Non Disclosure Essay

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Family Secrets and the Influence Non-disclosure Has on
Communication within the Family Unit
Secrets come in many forms, from white-lies to maximum disclosure; one secret can change family dynamics for a long time. The change in the family dynamic does not always have to be negative, it can be positive as well. Either way a secret or a series of secrets can impact how people feel about, view, and communicate with someone after information is disclosed to others.
In the textbook, Interpersonal Communication: Putting Theory into Practice, family secrets are defined as “events or information that family members hide from one another or from outsiders” (Solomon & Theiss, 2013). Some secrets can be hidden from all but one person, at times some members of the family may know a secret while others do not, or the whole family may know something and keep it from outsiders. Such secrets can be kept because of fear, guilt, embarrassment, anger, or sorrow which may occur. More often than not, some of the secrets end up coming out later on down the road, which may or may not make things more difficult for family members to process.
Another reason family secrets may occur is because of the lack of closeness or trust within the family unit. If a family is fairly distant, the way boundaries are set up may make it difficult for one to feel safe disclosing something to a family member or the entire family. For families with higher levels of openness, there may be fewer boundaries which make
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