Family Store Organizational Culture

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The Family store is a branch of the Salvation Army where they sale donated clothing to the public. The store is used to help people with low income in need of clothing. They take in clothing for children and adults of all ages and sizes they then sell the clothing for $2 or less. The store also takes in coats and jackets for people in need who cannot afford to purchase a coat in the winter months. They have home goods such as furniture, dinnerware, and bedding that they can sale to people at a low cost. These stores are a great way to help people in need by donating their unwanted clothing and household goods. The store works with a small staff and is always willing to take volunteers who wish to donate their time. More people should…show more content…
The organizational culture can encourage or discourage effectiveness, depending on the nature of the values, beliefs, and norms” (Ivancevich, Konopaske, & Matteson, 2011). Organizational culture can be very friendly, very task oriented, competitive or driven to be highly productive or it can be disorganized and unproductive. The culture is based on the history of the company and the atmosphere that is created and nurtured over time. This culture guides the language the employees use their loyalty and many more areas. Organizational culture is an important social characteristic that influences organizations, group, and individual behavior with in a company (Hartnell, Ou, & Kinicki, 2011). The Culture of an organization affects the way people behave, how they address customers, the atmosphere, perception, values, and beliefs. Employee’s performance and effectiveness can also be determined by an organization’s culture. Every organization has its own culture based on shared expectations, values and attitudes and its influence on individuals and groups (Ivancevich et al., 2011). People inside of an organization have a big effect on the culture because of their values, beliefs, and ideology. Companies try to hire people who have the same values as the company so that they will fit into the organization. People stay with organizations that have a…show more content…
The employees who are in the store were very laid-back and played on their phone more than they worked. Because of this display of behavior, it leads me to think that the organization actually has a week culture that upper management may want to address. The first step to improving this Salvation Army location is by having the manager identify that he has a cultural issue. In order to change culture you must first change the behavior and then support this change by showing justification (Ivancevich et al., 2011). Changing the behavior would be the easiest way to change that stores culture to a more productive culture. There are other ways to change organizations culture such as removing existing members and replacing them with new members. However, that is not the most efficient way to help change an organization’s culture or help the members of that organization to
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