Family Story And Origin Of A New Environment

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Every family story and origin is unique to the members of the immediate group, while including the traditions passed from generation to generation. From the scent of their house and clothes, special holidays, vacation spots, memories, what they eat and how it is served; all of these elements of life are distinct to a family. These elements are incorporated into what is viewed as normal life in a way that we don’t see how our lives differ from those around us, until we are faced with a situation where things are done differently than us. Many families contain multi - cultural backgrounds, therefore providing generations with traditions that include folklore from different origins. One of the biggest elements of culture how dishes are served and prepared. If you ever travel, one of the biggest attractions to a new environment is the food that is served in that area. Some food traditions are difficult to explain and don’t make sense to outsiders, but to the family or local group it is a sense of definition and unity through foodways. In Louisiana especially, with Cajun culture, we see many festivals and events that are food based, and the pride in the locals that serve it. My family, all born and raised in the South, participate in the spicy food, crawfish boils, jambalaya sales, gumbo cooking events that this culture offers. From a young age I can remember waking up on a Saturday morning in the fall, feeling the crisp air flow through the house as we had the windows open,
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