Family Stress And The Family

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(S) On 04/06/2016, at approximately 11:00 a.m., the client reported having returned from a trip with his grandparents to Mexico and was excited to have someone else make his bed every day. Family stress was a continued concern that was primarily centered on his sister’s attempt to detox from drugs. One of the stresses identified by the client was the financial burden placed on the mother to acquire medication from non-authorized pharmaceutical sources. The sister’s detox process at home was interfering with the mother’s ability to work from home, as reported by the client. The client added, that the financial burden lead to the absence of food in the house for him to eat. He stated not being a financial burden on his mom but complained that she did not have groceries for him, nor does he pay rent. The client reported stress with his current romantic relationship. He stated that he was frustrated because they were not having sex. He stated that he has done a lot for her by “giving her the whole boyfriend thing” and being a great boyfriend, but she is not addressing his needs sexually. He endorsed premarital sex and has stated having many casual sexual relationships and has needs that are unmet by his current girlfriend at the time of this note. He stated that he had a reputation of “getting around” prior to his current relationship. He commented that he is trying to be supportive as he can of her, but added that he may have to end the relationship if they
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