Family Stressor-Strength Inventory (Fs3I) Essay

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The Hyppolite Family “The purpose of this paper is to apply the Family Systems Stressor-Strengths Inventory (FS3I) to a family and present an analysis of the finding.” For the purpose of this paper the family will been known as the Hyppolite Family. The family discussed in this paper is considered a traditional nuclear family living in a single family home. Included is a Father Andrew Hyppolite (AH) age 38, a mother Katharine (KH), age 36, and four children Zoë , Timothy, Sarah, and Scott, whose ages are 9, 7, 5,3. Andrew and Katherine have been married for 10 years. The mother is a stay a home mom who performs household duties and children activities. The husband Andrew works outside the home at an Accounting Firm. Both parents have a…show more content…
The families have the option to complete assessment together or members can complete individually. The assessment has three sections that rated on a scale from zero (does not apply) to five (high stress), as well as assessment questions such as: 1. General: stressors or events related to Hyppolite family life that can create stress within a family or between the family and their environment. There are 25 situations/ stressors listed and rated between 0 to 5 and how it creates stress or tension for the individual. 2. Specifics: How a specific stressor producing event is affecting family’s overall health both as a whole and individually. There are 12 detailed questions in this section. 3. Family System Strengths: The third part of the assessment shows different aspects of day to day Hyppolite life and their functions. Various sections contribute to the well-being of individuals members and family as a while unit. There are 16 traits and attributes listed. The Family Systems Stressor-Strength Inventory (FS3I) scoring reflects how well different aspects apply to the Hyppolite family. Includes health issues, responsibilities, communications, work situation, satisfaction, housekeeping standards, etc… The Scoring was divided into two different sections, Family Perception Score and Clinical Perceptions Scores. Both sections were then divided into another three parts. The tool strengths and stressors factors are

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