Family Structure Affects Students ' Academic Life

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Family structure affects students’ academic Life
Colleen Wenke, a graduate from Boston College, wrote an essay “Too Much Pressure”. In the essay Wenke states that the pressure of cheating in school was difficult to overcome because everyone was doing it. She also gives different examples in her essay to illustrate how overcoming cheating was difficult for some students in the 1990s. Cheating can increase by the lack of morality in school and family, family stress on children, and anxiety of failure.
Failure to teach moral values in school and family can increase cheating. The difference between right and wrong is not taught in most families. A college student that has been exposed to negative behavior from either one parent or both is likely to cheat. With so much distraction at home it would be difficult for a student to pay attention to his or her academic work. In “Too Much Pressure,” Wenke justifies that schools should add moral standards in their curriculum because of the changes in family structure. She writes to say, “I believe schools were not fulfilling their role and therefore were producing students who do not know the differences between right or wrong” (533). Causes of not teaching moral standards have made schools produce cheating students. Why moral standards are not taught in schools is because it will not benefit the students. Why values education is not as important as academic education is that schools and teachers need to follow an educational system.
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