Family Structure And Its Impact On Society

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Kinship is one of the biggest thing in any culture. China have to have a strong out put on kinship because this is how they became a civilization. In this Civilization women was not really attached to their husband when they get married. They have to grow older with their husbands in order to feel the love. This is weird because before you get married to someone there are steps to loving them. There are a lot of culture that have got married to a man because they were forced. If you was a large family in this civilization you was wealthier than others. Family that are big could hold that holds up ten thousand people get more benefits. The people with high stratified internally has little farms and are servants. They have to work for the things they want or need. Civilization family structure is a different kind of structures from the tribes and states. They build their kinship off business. Whoever can produce and make the most money. They would go and become “partners” with them. This civilization is kind or money hungry. They are a large civilization, so they could not settle for less or they would be without. They have to make ways off what they know, which is selling produce. Kinship is partnership to them.
Marriage was the same back in the day in this civilization. The parents are the ones that sets up their children first marriage. They really did not marry outside of the tribes. A major marriage is when a young man and women gets married. They difference in
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