Family Structure Of The Social Environment

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A poet once said “In the traditional family structure of Persia ... one simply cannot discard close relatives just because one does not like them; rather one has to accommodate them, make allowances and accept them, like misfortune” Shusha Guppy. Growing up in collectivism family I have been cultured to put my family first regardless of the relationship and the situation. The theory that I have chosen to work with this population is Strategic Family Therapy. In this particular theory we are interested to help identify the experiences through communication and how family relates to the social environment. In therapy we are focused on changing the problem in the room because this theory is non-historical approach.
Strategic Family Therapy was developed by Jay Hayley in regards to promote action oriented and present focus therapy. The first order view of this therapy took on an approach of separating the clients’ system to overcome the clients’ resistance. Cloe Medanes was also a major therapist in this theory that was interested in prevention of family violence and children’s right. Couple of the major historical works were done by Jay Hayley and Cloe Medanes are: Leaving Home, Problem Solving Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, and The Art of Strategic Therapy. In this theory the goals are set to interrupt the covert hierarchical structure and covert alliances which prevents alliances across generational lines. Strategic Family Therapy is used to helps clients move to the
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