Family Structures And Its Effects On The United States

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Demographic information A total of five families will be participants in this relocation to Ripon Wisconsin and will be under my care for ninety days. Based on traditional family structures is has been deduced that each family will have on average five people, however we will not exclude families that have more than five members. I may come across this if the families want to bring with them extended family members such as grandparents or aunts and uncles. The families that I choose to bring do not necessarily have to be from Rwanda. During the genocide, there were Hutus who left the country because at the time it was not a good place to live and they fled to the surrounding countries. Some of these refugees stayed in those countries, while others went back to Rwanda only to face suspicion and scrutiny due to the genocide (Fisiy 1998). Due to this, I will be considering families in both circumstances, but I predict there will be more families wanting to leave Rwanda due to tensions still in the country. I plan on moving the families to Ripon at the beginning of August so they have a whole month of summer before having to adjust to cold Wisconsin temperatures. Along with letting the families adjust to the temperatures, I have picked August so if any of them want to attend any sort of school they can start with the rest of the state avoiding having to start at an awkward time.
One month before the families are set to arrive I will work with the local

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