Family Structures Are Changing The Face of America

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What one would have considered a family in early centuries has truthfully changed from what one would consider a family in today’s society. During earlier centuries a family consisted of a father, mother and their children; however that is no longer the case for most families in American society today. In American society families are defined in many different facets such as the traditional family, blended families, single parent homes and homosexual families. Regardless of the components of the family, one must understand that a family is a unit in which there is an adult providing the basic needs and wants of the children in which they have been entrusted. As time progresses America will continue to define and enhance the definition of the term family. Although society may continue to change and enhance the definition of society the traditional family structure that America was known for is slowly fading away as the concept of blended, single parent and homosexual families become the new norm for lives of many Americans.
Years ago in American society family structure were referred to as a traditional family which was composed of a mother, father, and their children. Many older and religious families in America believe that the traditional family structure is the ideal way to live, however, the concept of the traditional family has greatly diminished over the years. The idea of religion playing…

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