Family Structures Are Extremely Varied In Today’S Society.

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Family structures are extremely varied in today’s society. Single-parent families are becoming increasingly common. Traditions have changed; men and women do not feel pressured to take care of responsibilities at home. Children are being left behind, without knowing how this will influence their lives. Mothers and fathers serve vital roles in the life of their kids. Individuals inherit many things from their parents such as; their personality, values, beliefs and some similarities in behavior. In the United States alone, approximately 34 percent of children today are living with an unmarried parent (Livingston). This means that nearly 25,228,000 individuals, under the age of eighteen, are living with only one guardian. Being raised in a …show more content…
Authors Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee support this theory by stating, “The ‘head-complement’ model reflects the traditional marriage contract as discussed previously whereby the head/husband has responsibilities to provide a family wage” (Susan M Shaw and Janet Lee 448). Women are believed to be the exact opposite of men, they are expected to stay at home and tend to the families every need. This is an outdated and foolish expectation of women today. Ladies been in the working force for years now. Many women do the same work as men on a daily basis. Societies outdated theory is reiterated in the book Women’s Voices Feminist Vision when the author states, “Complementing the head’s role by being supportive and encouraging in both emotional and marital ways” (Susan M Shaw and Janet Lee 448). Individuals fail to ask themselves two very important question: What happens when the father or mother is absent? How does this action impact children?
Although it would quite easy to address every negative impact single-parent household give children, there are some positive aspects. One psychological effect of living with only one parent is a greater sense of responsibility. Children are able to witness all of the sacrifices and hardships their parent has to endure, which in return, makes them greatly appreciative. Individuals may also be inspired to take on more responsibility to relieve their guardian. Another effect would be an improved parent-child relationship.
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