Family Support : The Treatment Of Mental Disorders

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Family support is a crucial element in the treatment of mental disorders. Family member can be an important source for information, support, and guidance. Many cases of mental disorders are not diagnosed and untreated due to lack of knowledge and negative attitudes toward mental illness. When mental health patients vulnerable their family may be the best option for basic care. Other options may be group home of mental institution. In some cases the family may take on the financial needs of mental health patients. This is due to the patient not being able to perform adequately in a workplace environment. It is beneficial to have family involved in care. They monitoring the mental state, identify the early signs of illness, relapse and deterioration, and help the patient in accessing services. The family caregiver also supervises treatment and provides emotional support to the patient. However, the lack of knowledge and relatively lower mental health literacy pose challenges to family caregivers, mental health patients and service providers. The article, “Mental Health Literacy among Caregivers of Persons with Mental Illness: A Descriptive Survey”, discusses the importance of family involvement in the care of people with a mental illness. In order to better assist people with a mental illness, family members should possess mental health literacy. Symptom management is influenced by Mental health literacy. Being knowledgeable about mental health includes information about
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