Family System

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There is great controversy over the meaning of “normal” and “healthy” when it comes to development and family systems. Heathly and normal can be a matter of perspective and culture. Research has provided the understanding that what happens to a child during the developmental phases of life affect them conscious and unconsciously; with the most effect coming from within the family system. Roehlkepartain reports that spiritual development is an essential aspect that can either be a catalyst towards their spirituality or pull the child away from it. In relation to the materials this week the information I feel is not clearly defined as to what is normal and healthy. Parenting styles were covered in the text this week and the research…show more content…
Children that are a high quality childcare have several developmental advantages. These children tend to be more “self-confident, independent and knowledgeable about the social world in which they live then those that do not participate”(Feldman, 2014,p. 232). The downside to child care outside the home is that these children are “less-polite, less compliant,m less respectful of adults, and sometimes more competeitive and aggressive than their peers that stay at home with a parent”(Feldman, 2014.p. 232). It is important within the family system that they are aware of the negative behaviors that are associated with day care and to teach their children that those behaviors are unacceptable and how to properly behave in all settings in life.
Based upon the materials I have discussed I believe that one can discern a healthy family system based on the reaction, action and mental process of the child within the family. We have learned that children being exposed to parenting that is not condusive affects the child in ways that causes them to act out and affect their social skills. Spiritual development here can be greatly influenced within the family system if the support and show of a lack of relationship with God is not presented to the children from their parents. My basis for this statement is based on a couple of scriptures. Proverbs 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother & Deuteronomy 6:7 You shall teach
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