Family System Theory And Its Approach On Family Counseling Essay

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Family therapy provides for family members a means of improving communication and resolving conflict. This form of therapy attempts to determine individual’s behavior by closely examining one’s interactions with their family of origin, as well as current family. This interactive analysis is conducted to examine the patterns of behavior during familial interactions to determine dysfunctional behavior that challenge family cohesiveness. Family member behavior, if negative can perpetuate the problems leading to family dysfunction. To reduce and ultimately eliminate family dysfunction, family therapy is suggested as a means of determining and understanding the cause of the family dysfunction leading to resolution. The following research paper will analyze the Bowenian family system theory and its approach to family counseling. In the analysis of the Bowenian family system theory, the theory will be closely defined by identifying the leading figures of the theories development and a historical background of the theory. Further analysis will outline the similarities and differences of the Bowenian family system theory with other leading theories and will conclude with a personal evaluation of the integration of faith and the Bowenian approach in family counseling as a licensed Christian Counselor.
What is the Bowenian family system theory?
The Bowenian family systems theory was created by Murray Bowen, an American Psychiatrist and professor in psychiatry at the

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