Family System Theory: Harmful And Malladaptive Functions In The Family

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Process of Change
Family system theory is helpful in identifying and treating harmful and maladaptive functions in the family. The goal in therapy is to help families in their discovery of balance, with less blaming, more understanding, and increased responsibility. Counselors are able to learn the internal drives and attitudes of families and assists in clarifying positive roles and boundaries. Through genograms, sculpting and enactments, the therapist is able to direct the family to a more harmonious state. As an observer the therapist is able to uncover the strategies used by families to deal with interpersonal issues, and difficulties, as well as identify the far-reaching effects of those behaviors (Boss et al., 1993). When families are
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In essence hope, for many motivates one to action. Goals drive conceptualizing the necessary mental action required for success. In healthy family systems, these goals are shared as is the hope and motivation for success. Hope is the primary trait that produces positive results in treatment (Barclay, 2016). Once a therapist is able to uncover underlying motivations, misconceptions, and other dysfunctional behaviors there is room to instill hopeful expectations. As stated earlier the system must be considered holistically. So as the system becomes aware through the therapist’s guidance of their internal drives and balancing keeping drills, the shared goals can be discussed and agreed upon. Hope is a factor in a family’s effort for homeostasis as it creates a shared motivation. As members individually interact with each other and their environment, dysfunctional prior behavior is redirected to healthy mutual actions. Trait hope is also incorporated into the feedback loop. With hope, a person is able to outside of their current situation to and be encouraged by prospect of something new or different. In a positive feedback loop this is precisely what happens. As family members begin to grow, change, or become positively influenced by external factors, the family system has an opportunity to subject itself to that positive influence. Hope whether individually or holistically, can cause a family system to grow and adapt in a healthy direction, especially when the boundaries have been established in a way that allows healthy interaction with external
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