Family System Theory

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Systems Theory and Family Functioning Systems theory is a lens with which to view human behavior in relation to interactions with different systems, such as family, school, work, and community (Rogers, 2016). Assessing how families function through a systems theory lens allows social workers to examine and understand the different systems that affect the family and the individual. It is a necessary tool in identifying how a family functions in relation to the systems in which it exists as well as identifying what influences are affecting the family. Recognizing these many influences will allow the social worker to understand strengths, weaknesses, and issues of the individual members of the family, as well as the family system as a whole (Thomlison, 2010).
Family Subsystems Subsystems are smaller systems within the larger system (Rogers, 2016). For example, a family system may include the mother, father, and two children. A subsystem would consist of the relationship between just the mother and father within the context of the family and how their relationship affects the family functioning. The relationship between siblings could also be a subsystem within the family. The interactions between members of the subsystems affect the larger system and vice versa. Attachment, emotional closeness, and communication occurs within the subsystems and helps to promote individual development and influence behaviors (Thomlison, 2010). Healthy family subsystems help support
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