Family Systems Differ from Home to Home Essay

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Everyone has an ideal view of what a family system should be and how it should be ran. However in today’s society it is very difficult to always follow what others think due to the lack of love and trust within individuals who decide that in the moment a family is what they want until the time comes and a family is not what they can handle. As a young child, I grew up with both parents, and thought that life was superb. However things did not last long and I soon was a product of a single parent home. Now for me double parenting and single parenting did not have much effect on me growing up but now I so desire for a family where I have a husband and he is there not only as my husband but a father, a provider for our family, and a…show more content…
For example growing up as a child, my family comprised of my mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and uncle (my mom’s brother) all living under the same roof. Everyone in the family played a part and understood what their role was. The men in the family took care of things such as taking out the trash, occasional cleaning, in the winter they would bring in firewood, and take care of any handiwork that needed to be done. As far as the women, they always went to the grocery store; they took care of the children, prepared meals, and did most of the cleaning. It was what worked for us. Now when my mom got her own home and my dad came along with us (they were never married), the balance in my grandmother’s house was off. There were fewer mouths to feed and less hands helping with the work that needed to be done. It was an odd and awkward time for us but we were able to start our own homeostasis. The family system worked totally different at my mother’s home. My mother was the breadwinner and my dad was the “stay at home dad” and he took care of the housework and me while my mom worked. Either way it still worked out though it was not the same as at my grandparent’s home but everyone was still able to play a part which did not through off our balance. When my parents separated the balance was there but it was all being put on one person now. My mom was the breadwinner; cook, cleaner, babysitter, and handy
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