Family Systems Effect the Environment and Development of Each Other

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Family Systems A family system is based on the idea that family members are not a bunch of individuals acting and developing independence from each other. Families are a system of individuals who interact and effect the environment and development of each other. One integral part of a family system is the style of parenting. There are four types of parenting styles that are often discussed: authoritarian, authoritative, uninvolved, and permissive. The different types of parenting style can have a big effect on the children and the behavior and mannerisms they develop. This in turn can have an effect on the family as a system. The authoritarian parents are rigid and controlling. There is a militaristic approach to parenting where…show more content…
pre-occupied with work), many times the child feels insecure and can have emotional challenges (University, 2014). Uninvolved parents, “are detached emotionally and see their role as no more than feeding, clothing and providing shelter for their child” (Feldman, 2014, p. 253). The permissive parenting style is the opposite of the authoritarian style in that there are no rules or few rules, which are more like suggestions. In this approach the parent is often more concerned with being their child’s friend than their parent. These children tend to not follow rules well, do not do well emotionally, and have internal insecurities. The internal insecurities are caused because of the lack of boundaries (act as security for children) which cause the child to feel unsafe (University, 2014). “Children with permissive parents tend to be dependent and moody, and they are low in social skills and self-control” (Feldman, 2014, p. 253). The type of parenting style can affect the emotional and social development of a child, as well as their behavior and temperament. It is also possible for parents to change parenting styles with different children, to an extent. It is not uncommon for the oldest child to get a more authoritarian style of parenting as opposed to the middle or last child who may get more of another type as parenting style evolves with experience. One physical effect of an unhealthy family system on development can
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