Family Systems & Healthy Development

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Family Systems and Healthy Development Sheryl Threes Liberty University Family Systems and Healthy Development Healthy development is generally understood as the progressive physical, emotional, cognitive and social maturation that takes place in a person’s life from conception onwards into adulthood. This process is further influenced by a continuous whirlwind of biological and environmental factors. Of the numerous environmental factors that an individual encounters over the course of the life span, it is clear to see family systems play a significant role and can be extremely impactful on the developmental process. To gain a better understanding of the impact of family on healthy…show more content…
In the same way that a healthy family system can assist an individual in becoming self-sufficient and aware; there are negative impacts that can occur when there are breakdowns in the foundation of the family. For example in families where psychological maltreatment takes place, the effects can be detrimental to the child who as a result may suffer from low self-esteem, lying, misbehavior, and underachievement in school. The impact of abuse on brain development is also profound and has been linked to a reduction in the size of the amygdala and hippocampus later on in adulthood. It is also noted that the fear, terror and stress associated with abuse may also produce permanent changes due to the overstimulation of the limbic system (Feldman, 2014). In conclusion, one can clearly see the vast significance that the role of family plays in the physical, spiritual, social and cognitive development of an individual. The family unit is the training ground for life in the world at large and its impact can be either positive or negative. However there are several other factors at work in determining how an individual will handle their life regardless of the cards that they are dealt. For instance a child who grows up in a home where he has been the victim of psychological maltreatment may still have a chance
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