Family Systems Intervention

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Family Systems Interventions
Intervention skills: Facilitating family change
Change skills
1. Break maladaptive interaction patterns
2. Clarity problematic consequences
3. Alter affective blocks
4. Initiate cognitive restructuring
5. Implement new adaptive patterns
6. Mobilize external resources as required
Break Maladaptive Patterns
• Intervene to control maladaptive patterns by restructuring family interaction verbally or physically
• When appropriate, facilitate the adaptive expression of anger of one family member in order to block the recurrent problematic behavior of another

Clarify problematic consequences
• Confront family members on the problematic consequences of their own behaviors
• Provide verbal or nonverbal
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1. Workers must have a sincere interest in learning and accepting different cultures.
2. Workers can learn to challenge their ethnocentric beliefs as a n integral part of family social work.
3. Family social workers can be open to collaboration with traditional cultural healers and leaders and support family choices about traditional sources of help that parallel, supplement, or replace interventions that are more common.
4. Family social workers should be familiar with and be prepared ti use existing client support systems, following the appropriate cultural protocols.
5. The intervention skills used by family social workers can adapted to specific cultures
6. Family social workers can seek specific cultural knowledge, which includes awareness of communication patterns, worldviews, belief systems, and values
7. Knowing how to gain entrance into a cultural community is important if a worker were to access culturally appropriate resources for a family.
Reassess Clients’ Resistance
Resistance may be a message from the client that the family social worker is overstepping the boundaries of the relationship. Resistance can also signal that the issues being discussed are sensitive to the client.
Set Realistic Expectations A sixth guideline for family social workers is to foster families’ feelings of competence, rather than inadequacy.
Hepworth and Larsen
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